20 pound bag of Kombat Boots for Horses
Kombat Boots
Kombat Boots

Kombat Boots

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Natural Yeast Pellets for Horses, for horses prone to stress ulcers due to anxiety and show or training stress. 

A domesticated horse has a very inefficient digestive system. Kombat Boots will improve a horse’s digestive function and feed utilization by at least 20%, and as much as 45%. You can expect to cut your feed bills down significantly. Your horses will be eating less and getting more nutrition out of their feed. Almost immediately you will see a change in the manure. Loose stools will firm up and you will see a healthier deposit. In 3-4 weeks you will see changes in coat and hoof condition. Hoof problems will heal more quickly, and, within a few months, the hoof will be growing 40-50% faster.

Many unseen changes will also taking place inside the stomach. The yeast cell wall breakdown is producing carbon dioxide which will help reduce E-Coli and Salmonella bacteria. That same carbon dioxide is also reducing the lactic acid buildup in muscles during training & racing, giving your horses the competitive edge they need for superior performance.

Feeding Guidelines

How much do I feed? 

We recommend a daily ratio of 1.5 gram of yeast for every 10 lbs. of horse. For example: a 1000 lb. horse should be fed 150 grams of yeast daily. This is equivalent to two 4 oz scoops per day. There is no need to change your present feeding program. Kombat Boots will simply make whatever you feed more digestible. Please read the How Do I Feed section concerning foals and yearlings. See the back of the bag for feeding directions for each type of horse. 

How do I feed? 

Kombat Boots is a yeast pellet. It will increase the digestive efficiency of the horse. All of us like to grow our foals and yearlings as much and as fast as possible. In doing this, we sometimes feed too much high-energy hay and grain and overuse supplements and steroids. This runs the risk of Epiphysitis or OCD's. Feeding Kombat Boots on top of a high risk diet is absolutely NOT recommended. Please see the study by Ciro (1991) referred to in the science section on the Kombat Boots website. The best way to grow young horses is to feed them normally, forget the supplements, and add Kombat Boots to their diet. They will develop naturally and have few if any "growing" problems. 

Feeding Directions (4oz scoop inside bag or bucket)

  • Foals: 1 scoop, per horse per day
  • Smaller Breeds: 1 scoop, per horse per day
  • Yearlings & Older: 2 scoops, per horse per day
  • Lactating Mares: 2 scoops, per horse per day
  • Drafts: 2 scoops, per horse per day

Feed daily dosage in two separate feedings. At 2 scoops (8oz.) per day, a 20lb. bag/bucket will last 1 horse 40 days. The right dosage must be used for the product to work.

Brewers Dried Grain, Brewers Dried Yeast, Natural and Artificial Flavors

KOMBAT BOOTS is composed of 70% quality yeast.

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