He rode like a dream for the first time in months.

He is better about being brushed (he’s normally very squeamish as he seems “thin-skinned”), I have taken him out on trail rides with NO OTHER horses with us, and birds flew up all around us and he didn’t even flinch. When he was on four scoops a day, he was falling asleep on the cross -ties — even when I put the saddle on and girthed him up – normally he looks unpleasant and tries side-passing or walking forward. He stood perfectly still.

Thank you so much, Carla! You have no idea how low my confidence had been lately with my horse. Sheriff has very studly behavior. I used to have to lounge him before every ride just to make sure he had his kinks out (although I have never fallen off of him, he has been known to randomly go on a bucking spree once in a while), and never in a million years would I ride by myself! Within a week, my confidence has soared, and I have gotten on him without any lounging without any problems whatsoever. I wish I would have tried this before spending so much money on other well-known calm remedies. I will definitely be continuing to purchase this miracle stuff 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

Exclusively Shergar aka Pete is a 10 year old TB gelding. He has never been raced and has always been a barrel horse. We bought him because he was “supposed” to be so gentle a kid could ride him slow and then an adult could do 2D times on him. He was “supposed” to stand tied for hours and be able to walk under him, stand on his back etc. Well when we got him home the first thing he did was run away. Then the rearing, striking when lead and bucking started. He would literally go down on his knees when saddled, then wander around the arena and if you tried to get him to do anything he would rear or crow hop. Then he started pulling back when tied to the point of throwing himself and passing out. He was getting so dangerous we considered putting him down. He went to a trainer last year and this year for 45 days. This last time she said he was “not right in the head” and that he was not to be trusted “as he would panic and forget there were humans around him.” She had him adjusted and so had I several times, put him on smartpak Calm and Cool which helped slightly. Right before he came home I remembered a video about a horse on focus on YouTube. Took the Magnesium Deficiency test and thought “my god that’s my horse” and ordered MagRestore and gave 2 days 2 scoops in a.m. only and he is now safe, sane, eager to please. 2 days home on a trail ride at dusk he was so slow we had to wait up for him! Passed Harleys, a car pulling a boat, other horses at dusk NO PROBLEM! I gave him a bath (usually freaked out), cleaned his sheath (last yr. he was sedated and still kicked vet) wormed him (it usually takes 2 people and a struggle) and NO PROBLEM. My daughter is ready to try barrels on him again. Thank you soooo much for this product. Ordered the big bucket and am starting her other barrel horse (blowing barrels) and my 2 very hot Paso Finos on it. Gave my 20 year old Paso 2 scoops one morning just to see and that night he rode like a dream for the first time in months. Alone and flat footed walk yes! can’t say enough about this video coming soon!!

Jackie Smith

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